Lifestyle Diet Reset 02/04/22 ead

Lifestyle Diet Reset 02/04/22 – I just got back from a planned trip to Phoenix. Due to weather, we only made it to Mexico Beach. 

At the beach, it was beautiful and the rebuild after Hurricane Michael is coming along well, Here’s a photo showing the fabulous sunsets there: ead

Now I’m back and I want to get back in the swing of healthy eating, which for me includes a lot of natural sources of potassium and iron. I’m feeling blogg-y.

BREAKFAST – Lifestyle Diet Reset 02/04/22

1 serving Alexia Baked Oven Reds 

2 TB organic ketchup




I’m just not hungry today


sliced banana with 

1 TB Nocciolata


2 slices thin crust cheese pizza


What is the Lifestyle Diet Reset? It’s a mindful way of eating that is designed to be low-stress and emotionally supportive through specific nutrients. 

After getting my Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University, I set out to take that knowledge and do something for the diet that is easy on the body without causing weight gain.

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